Looking forward to 1st April 2017 - A year of growth and modernisation

As J & C Coaches says goodbye to it's 2017 financial year, we are looking ahead to a promising and exciting new year!

The start of the month will see a brand new state-of-the-art coach and minibus being added to the fleet, which will allow for more flexibility and opportunity for us to be able to meet growing demands!

Further to this, we are looking internally at bringing our systems and procedures into the 21st century as well as exploring new coach technology for improving customer safety and satisfaction and ensuring we can deliver the highest quality of public transport possible.

In addition with bringing you vehicle and system improvements, we are taking our first steps into the digital world by bringing to you our first website and social media pages! Where we will be able to bring you updates and insights as they happen and also allow us to connect and interact with you to form better relationships and service.

We are very excited to explore these new opportunities to add value to customers in the best way we can, rest assured that J & C Coaches are putting you as the priority as public transport becomes increasingly more important in a busy and bustling World!

Get in touch if you would like to find out more!